Foundry College

Build Future-Ready Skills and Knowledge

Foundry College provides adults with a future-ready education by combining the durable professional skills that employers seek with in-demand, job-relevant credentials. You’ll learn in live, face-to-face classes in an online environment.

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Foundry College: Your Future-Ready Solution

Whether you’re looking to learn new skills and knowledge, stand out as a job candidate, or change your career path, you’ll find the right solution at Foundry College. In a matter of months, you’ll earn an externally-recognized, job-relevant, future-ready certificate that provides professional credentials and the most in-demand 21st century skills sought by employers.

Along with the in-demand credentials, you’ll gain the broad skills employers say they need most in great employees: oral communication, written communication, collaboration, and problem solving. The best part? You’ll put your new skills to work as you’re learning and increase your value and resiliency in the job market immediately.


“I'm doing this for my future. This content is applicable to my job and to the job I hope to get one day!“

- Matin, Foundry College student

What Makes Your Foundry College Experience Unique?

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Live Instruction

Go beyond the lecture and learn alongside your classmates - in real time – with role-playing, breakout groups, and active learning exercises.


Online Setting

Classes are conducted entirely in the online classroom, with no pre-work or homework assigned.

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Real Community

Actively engage with your professor and fellow students throughout the class, and work directly with your personal coach and peer mentors.


“The student community at Foundry College is great, and I like that Foundry College classes are interactive. I can raise my hand at any time and get immediate answers to questions and support from the professor. And the one-on-one coaching has been very helpful. I feel inspired and motivated.”

- Markela, Foundry College student

You'll Master Concepts

At Foundry College, you’ll do more than just get by – you’ll master the concepts in your courses. Rather than earning a grade, you’ll be able to demonstrate a deep understanding of the material and apply your skills and knowledge in your work and personal life.


“Foundry College is better than the traditional way of learning. You get the interaction with other students and the professor – it’s a dialogue. You get to hear what everyone else thinks, and it helps you think differently!”

- Jeff, Foundry College student

Focused on Your Success

Your success matters to us, so we’ve designed our program to provide you the type of community you’ll need to thrive.


Personal Coach

Your personal coach will meet regularly with you to help navigate the challenges of managing responsibilities outside the classroom.

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Student Support

The Student Support Team guides your academic success, providing you with extra support when you need it – including workshops, peer mentors and study groups.

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We understand the power of connecting face-to-face. You’ll interact with your peers and faculty in every live class, through online forums, and in optional meetups and events.

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Every class is designed and taught by an experienced faculty member who holds either a Ph.D. in a relevant field or, for professional credentials courses, an industry expert in that area.

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“My coach helped me revise my resume, and I felt more prepared going into interviews. Foundry College has really helped me move forward with my career!”

- Megan, Foundry College student

Your Learning Experience in the Forge Classroom

The Forge online learning platform is purpose-built for education. Steeped in the science of learning, the Forge provides an engaging experience for you and your classmates.

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Active Participation

The Forge creates a community where you see your classmates and faculty face-to-face in a scrolling video matrix, are part of live break-out group sessions, and engage in real-time polls - in every single class.

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Breakout Groups

In each class you’ll join other students in small, live video groups where you’ll participate in activities like debates, role-plays, and group problem solving. Faculty can join groups to share comments, provide further directions, or to see how you’re doing.

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Data Helps Us Help You

Real-time data within the Forge provides information that allows us to tailor our support for your specific needs.


“I’m able to dissect and find a better outcome to some of my biggest challenges at work because of what I’m learning in my classes.”

- Eva, Foundry College student

Be future-ready. Be Foundry College.

“It wasn’t until I started at Foundry College that I had the confidence to apply for a supervisor position. Now I use concepts from class every day at work!”

- Angelica, Foundry College student