Foundry College

Start Building Future-Proof Skills and Knowledge

Foundry College equips working adults with the skills and knowledge they need to excel in jobs that aren’t being displaced by automation.

Apply now to attend Foundry College for FREE! Tuition will be waived for students who are admitted to our Spring 2020 cohort, starting in May. Application deadline is April 6, 2020.

Student-Centered Learning

The Foundry College experience is grounded in the science of learning and embraces methods that put students—and their success—front and center.


Active Learning

Hands-on activities supplement lively online lectures, allowing students to apply content directly.


Contained Coursework

There is no pre-work or homework—all learning takes place in the online classroom.


Mastery-Based Progression

Skills and concepts build on each other, and students move forward only when they’ve mastered preceding material.


Degree Programs

A college degree that will stay relevant

Foundry College teaches students skills and knowledge that are directly relevant to workforce needs, and plans to award graduating students with an Associate Degree in Business Management.

Learning Experience

Preparing working adults for the jobs of today—and tomorrow

Foundry College gives students a clear path to employment, and provides a strong pipeline of qualified job candidates for employers.

For Employers

Fill Hiring Gaps for Middle Skills Jobs

Secure a pipeline of strong candidates with in-demand, automation-resistant skills and knowledge.

For Students

Succeed in a Changing Job Market

Master skills and knowledge that are in high demand and unlikely to be automated in the foreseeable future.

Why Foundry

Stephen Kosslyn

New technologies are displacing working adults from their jobs, and this trend will only accelerate in the coming years. This is why we are launching Foundry College. Foundry College is a new kind of two-year college—one designed to give working adults the skills and knowledge to adapt to a rapidly changing world. Our curriculum integrates practical training with a broad education to help students acquire the automation-resistant skills and knowledge that employers want and need. These skills—such as how to analyze problems and situations, learn effectively, and communicate well—will help both working adults and employers to adapt and thrive as the workplace changes.


Stephen Kosslyn, Founder

Attend Foundry College Free

Tuition will be waived for students who are admitted to our Spring 2020 cohort, starting in May.

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