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Education Leadership Meets Business Acumen

Foundry College brings together a team of experienced academics, instructional designers, faculty, and edtech and business leaders to deliver a new kind of two-year college.

 Meet the Founder

Dr. Stephen M. Kosslyn, Foundry College President and CEO

Stephen Kosslyn

Dr. Stephen M. Kosslyn is the President and CEO of Foundry College. He led a team of instructional designers in building the Foundry curriculum, and designing the teaching techniques, based on his decades of work in learning science. Most recently, Dr. Kosslyn served as the Founding Dean and Chief Academic Officer of the Minerva Schools at the Keck Graduate Institute. He was previously the director of the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences and Professor of Psychology at Stanford University. Prior to that, he was chair of the Department of Psychology, Dean of Social Science, and the John Lindsley Professor of Psychology in Memory of William James at Harvard University. He received a B.A. from UCLA and a Ph.D. from Stanford University, both in psychology.

Faculty & Instructional Designers

Our instructional designers collaborated with Dr. Kosslyn to develop the Foundry College curriculum, including specifying key capabilities to be taught and developing detailed lesson plans for each session. Our trained faculty use these lesson plans to instruct each class, incorporating active learning techniques to ensure that students learn the material, put it into immediate practice, and retain it for the future.

Dr. Svenja Prosseda

Dr. Svenja Prosseda is the instructional designer for Practical Problem Solving.

Dr. Louise Vigeant

Dr. Louise Vigeant is the instructional designer for Critical Analyses.

Dr. Beth Callaghan

Dr. Beth Callaghan is the instructional designer for Clear Communication.

Lisa Lee, M.Ed.

Lisa Lee is the instructional designer for Managing Yourself at Work.

Jim Duran, M.Ed.

Jim Duran is the instructional designer for Thinking with Software.

Dr. John Percival

Dr. John Percival is the Curriculum Development Consultant.

Dr. Melanie Obitz-Bukartek

Dr. Melanie Obitz-Bukartek is the Professor for Clear Communication and Working with Others.

Dr. Kacey Warren

Dr. Kacey Warren is the Professor for Critical Analyses and Practical Problem Solving.

Faculty & Student Support

Our faculty and student support staff serve important roles at Foundry College, overseeing and supporting both faculty and students to ensure academic success.

Dr. Beth Callaghan

Dr. Beth Callaghan is the Faculty Coordinator and leads faculty support services.

Dr. Louise Vigeant

Dr. Louise Vigeant is the Student Coordinator and leads student support services.

Nick Rothacher

Nick Rothacher is the Senior Coach and leads the student coaching program.

Allegra Lanzara

Allegra Lanzara is the Personal Coach.

Business Leadership Team

The business leadership team manages admissions, operations, partnerships, technology, marketing, communications, student experience, and other administrative responsibilities at Foundry College.

Anne Kauth

Anne Kauth leads partnerships at Foundry College.

Melanie Vuynovich

Melanie Vuynovich leads student experience and administration at Foundry College.

Meredyth Lacy

Meredyth Lacy leads operations at Foundry College.

Scott Williams

Scott Williams leads technology at Foundry College.

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