Meet the team

Education Leadership Meets Business Acumen

Foundry College brings together a team of experienced academics, instructional designers, faculty, and edtech and business leaders to deliver a new kind of college.

Meet the Team

Dr. Akiba J. Covitz
Foundry College CEO

Dr. Akiba J. Covitz has led business development processes at numerous Ed Tech companies, including serving as founding Vice President for University Relations at edX. Akiba started his career as a tenure-track professor, and his academic career culminated with his appointment as Associate Dean for Faculty Development and a member of the faculty at Harvard Law School. At Harvard, under the leadership of now United States Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, Akiba oversaw the extraordinary expansion and diversification of the HLS faculty, after a long period of stagnant growth. Akiba then served as Senior Vice President for Strategic Relationships at Academic Partnerships, an online program management provider and he recently headed up business development at Minerva Project. Akiba has also served as a senior advisor to such organizations as Entangled Solutions (now part of Guild Education) and the Inter-American Development Bank.

Dr. Stephen M. Kosslyn
Foundry College President and Chief Academic Officer

Dr. Stephen M. Kosslyn is the President and Chief Academic Officer of Foundry College. He led a team of instructional designers in building the Foundry curriculum, and designing the teaching techniques, based on his decades of work in learning science. Most recently, Dr. Kosslyn served as the Founding Dean and Chief Academic Officer of the Minerva Schools at the Keck Graduate Institute. He was previously the director of the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences and Professor of Psychology at Stanford University. Prior to that, he was chair of the Department of Psychology, Dean of Social Science, and the John Lindsley Professor of Psychology in Memory of William James at Harvard University. He received a B.A. from UCLA and a Ph.D. from Stanford University, both in psychology.

Faculty & Instructional Designers

Our instructional designers collaborated with Dr. Kosslyn to develop the Foundry College curriculum, including specifying key capabilities to be taught and developing detailed lesson plans for each session. Our trained faculty use these lesson plans to instruct each class, incorporating active learning techniques to ensure that students learn the material, put it into immediate practice, and retain it for the future.

Dr. Louise Vigeant

Instructional Designer

Dr. Beth Callaghan

Instructional Designer

Lisa Lee, M.Ed.

Credentials Program Manager and Instructional Designer

Dr. John Percival

Curriculum Development Consultant

Dr. Kacey Warren

Professor and Instructional Designer

Dr. Melanie Obitz-Bukartek


Ms. Jamie Grettum


Ms. Debra Hunter


Mr. Reed Shell


Faculty & Student Support

Our faculty and student support staff serve important roles at Foundry College, overseeing and supporting both faculty and students to ensure academic success.

Dr. Beth Callaghan

Dean of Faculty Affairs

Dr. Louise Vigeant

Student Services Manager

Nick Rothacher

Senior Coach

Allegra Lanzara

Personal Coach

Business Leadership Team

The business leadership team manages admissions, operations, partnerships, technology, marketing, communications, student experience, and other administrative responsibilities at Foundry College.

Melanie Vuynovich

Chief Student Experience Officer

Meredyth Lacy

Chief Operating Officer

Scott Williams

Chief Technology Officer

Karen Adams

Head of Marketing

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is committed to the vision and mission of Foundry College. The Board consists of nine members, six of which are confirmed at this time.

Rob Hutter

Founder and Managing Partner, Learn Capital

Dr. Stephen Kosslyn

Founder and President, Foundry College

Maria Anguiano

Senior Vice President for Strategy, Arizona State University

Greg Mauro

Founder and Managing Partner, Learn Capital

Norman Atkins

Managing Partner, Together Education; Co-Founder and Board Chair, Relay Graduate School of Education

Dr. Akiba J. Covitz

CEO, Foundry College

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