Why Foundry

A New Kind of College

Foundry College offers innovative, flexible, and accessible credentialed certificate programs designed specifically to help adults build skills that are in high demand today and unlikely to be automated in the future. Foundry College's courses are delivered live, face-to-face, in an online environment.

An Accessible Path to a Future-Ready Job

Foundry College is a different kind of college. Our unique online format and science-based teaching methods make our curriculum accessible to students of all backgrounds, and we are committed to giving every student the best possible chance of success.



Open to everyone who completes our admissions process



Incorporates learning science to help students achieve mastery



Credentialed certificate programs are just $2,950, with multiple payment options



Emotional and academic support to help students succeed



Skills and knowledge for middle-management jobs that are unlikely to be automated

man monitor


All learning takes place online with no pre-class assignments or homework

High Quality Education
for Students of All Backgrounds


Letter from the Founder

I am the first member of my family to attend college—and I paid my own way by working in various jobs. This may seem at odds with the fact that I was made a full professor at Harvard at age 34, that I later joined the faculty at Stanford, and that I led the team that created the curriculum and pedagogy of an elite university designed to train leaders and innovators from all over the world.

At the pinnacle of my career I found myself thinking about how lucky I had been, and wanting to make college more relevant and accessible to the broader population. I realized that what I know about the science of learning could be used to help anyone learn effectively—regardless of their background or previous educational experience. And that if we focused on subject matter that was not only unlikely to be automated but also directly related to the skills employers want and need in the labor force, this could improve people’s lives by giving them a path to a more secure job and improved economic stability. Moreover, helping individuals function more effectively at work would also help employers and the broader economy.

So here we are—courtesy of a team of amazing people who came together to make Foundry College a reality. Foundry College brings together everything I’ve learned about education, how students learn, and what’s required for success in a rapidly changing world. We are doing something new—and hope that you and those you know will join us as we bridge the gap between education and employment.

Dr. Stephen M. Kosslyn
Foundry College Founder, President Emeritus,
and Chief Academic Officer


Foundry College Accreditation

Accreditation is important for three reasons. First, it demonstrates that our curriculum and pedagogy have been vetted by experts who are satisfied that we are delivering a quality education. Second, it is necessary if students decide to complete a higher degree at another institution and wish to explore the option of transferring credits. And finally, accreditation opens the door to financial aid benefits such as Pell Grants for students and tax benefits for employers who sponsor employee participation in Foundry programs. Foundry College is pursuing accreditation.

Earn a Future-Ready Credentialed Certificate