Accessible Education for All

Foundry College provides an accessible college education for all students who complete admission requirements—regardless of test scores or previous grades.

Attend Foundry College for FREE! Tuition will be waived for students who are admitted to our Spring 2020 cohort, starting in May. Application deadline is April 6, 2020.

Apply Now to Attend Foundry College for Free

Students who apply and are accepted into our Spring 2020 cohort (starting in May 2020) will have the opportunity to complete the full degree program at no cost.

Applications are due April 6, 2020.

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The Foundry College Associate Degree in Business Management program is designed to be completed in as little as two years on a part-time schedule. Apply today, and graduate with in-demand, future-proof skills and knowledge that employers want and need.

How to Apply

Our application process consists of four simple steps, is completely free, and does not require standardized test scores. Step One is completed on our website. Once you've completed Step One, you'll be emailed with additional information for how to complete the remaining steps. 


Submit Online Application

Provide basic personal information so we can track and manage your application.


Share Goals

Help us understand your personal and professional goals so we can provide you with effective support during the program.


Personality Profile

Share more about yourself through a questionnaire that measures five broad categories of personality traits.


Complete Assessment

Complete a free online assessment to show us how you think and approach problems.

Questions about the application process? Review our Admissions FAQ or Request more information.

Graduate with the Skills Employers Need

Foundry College students will master future-proof skills and knowledge and prepare to excel in a job that will not easily be displaced by automation. Our program is designed for working adults, with live online classes offered in the evenings, no required class preparation or homework, and an approach that embraces techniques from the science of learning to help students build expertise and apply new skills and knowledge in context.