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Foundry College is a new kind of two-year college — designed for working adults, with an emphasis on in-demand, future-proof job skills.

Why Foundry College


" Having a coach is a bit like having a mentor — a supportive person to engage with whenever I need some help. "

DUSTIN, polyinnovator and Foundry College Student
Columbia, Missouri

" I love the break out groups during class. They allow me to meet people from across the U.S. and incorporate what we’ve learned into the group assignments. "

— EBAUNI, Merit America learner and Foundry College Student
Waldorf, Maryland


Foundry College helps working adults build skills and knowledge that are in demand by employers and unlikely to be automated in the near future. We designed our online Associate Degree in Business Management with working adults in mind, so every student receives the support they need to be successful.

A Student-Centered Approach to Building In-Demand Skills

Foundry College courses incorporate a variety of active learning techniques to ensure that students understand the material, retain it, and can apply it in relevant situations. Lectures are combined with hands-on exercises in small breakout groups, so students can put new skills into practice right away. Our student-centered learning approach embraces frequent polls, questions, and quizzes to break up lectures and keep students engaged.


* Foundry College's online learning platform - The Forge.

Accessible Education for All

At Foundry College, we believe that all applicants who are committed to learning with us and completing their degree deserve a chance.

97% of applicants are admitted in to Foundry College!


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