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Learn about future-ready jobs, workforce development, adult education, and narrowing the skills gap for middle-skills jobs

Foundry College Student Spotlight: Shantel

“My experience at Foundry was so phenomenal. Foundry sets a high standard of skill sets and tools to be successful in your career and as a leader. With the skills that I accomplished through Foundry, I can honestly say that I can do anything, work anywhere, and work with anyone.”

UMass Global, Foundry College Join to Promote Stackable Certificates Cultivating Software, Project Management Skills

A partnership between University of Massachusetts Global and Foundry College will help even more people develop marketable skills in the fields of customer relationship management or project management.

Foundry College Student Spotlight: Lacy

“I had started Trailhead and gotten lost along the trail. If you are interested in filling up your toolbox with useful skills and knowledge, this program is for you! Every single class had something that I could use in my job.”

Foundry College Student Spotlight: Dustin

"The real-world learning in Foundry’s classes offer things that a textbook simply cannot. But let me be clear: my coach has played a significant role in my progress in the program."

Foundry College Hosts Tech2Work Open House

Foundry College, along with Holberton Tulsa and Satellite, will host a Tech2Work open house event on Thursday, October 28, 2021 at 6:30 p.m. at the Holberton Tulsa campus at 15 N Cheyenne Avenue, Tulsa.

Foundry College Captures Top Rankings for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

World Universities with Real Impact (WURI), a global think tank under the umbrella of the Hanseatic League of Universities, has released its annual rankings in which Foundry College was recognized in the categories of “Global Top Innovative Universities” and “Entrepreneurial Spirit.”

Foundry College Raises $1MM from Zanichelli Venture

Foundry College announced additional funding of $1MM, led by Zanichelli Venture, into its open convertible note, accelerating growth strategies in stackable education model.

Foundry College Student Spotlight: Cassie

"Our instructors bring ‘live animals’ into the classroom; real-life examples and experiences that give us legitimate takeaways of situations we’ll be working with. I’m very much a hands-on learner, so to see and hear about actual examples makes the learning experience so rich."

Foundry College Awarded Approval by California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education

Foundry College is a private institution approved to operate by the California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education. Approval to operate means the institution is compliant with the minimum standards contained in the California Private Postsecondary Education Act of 2009 (as amended) and Division 7.5 of Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations.

Foundry College Partners with Pathrise

In another move to further expand its full suite of support for learners, Foundry College has partnered with Pathrise, an online mentorship and advice program for tech and other professionals. Customized services provided to Foundry College learners by Pathrise will complement services already available to students, which include one-on-one coaching sessions, access to academic mentors, job club participation, and more. These services, along with those of Pathrise, are provided at no cost to the learner.

Foundry College Announces Six Courses Recommended for College Credit by American Council on Education

Foundry College’s learners will now be able to gain credit at colleges and universities across the country that accept ACE credit recommendations. ACE is the major coordinating body for all the nation’s higher education institutions, representing more than 1,600 college and university presidents and more than 200 related associations nationwide.

Foundry College Partners with Ideate Project

Foundry College has partnered with the Ideate Project to expand its career support services for learners in the Foundry College Tulsa program. Ideate Project’s job placement platform will complement services already available to students, which include one-on-one coaching sessions, access to academic mentors, job club participation, and more. All services, including those of Ideate Project, are provided at no cost to the learner.

Foundry College Earns iKeepSafe Privacy FERPA Badge

iKeepSafe announced that it has awarded a FERPA privacy badge to Foundry College. iKeepSafe's FERPA badge is the first independent assessment program for the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. The program seeks to help educators and parents identify edtech services and tools that protect student data privacy.

Foundry College Tulsa Program Accepting Its Third Cohort of Learners

The Foundry College Tulsa program is now accepting its third cohort of learners, preparing them to excel in their careers by offering no-cost tuition for programs that pair the durable professional skills that employers seek with marketable, job-ready credentials in Salesforce administration and project management. Additionally, learners have the opportunity to earn a $500 cash bonus upon completion of the program.

Learn In, Foundry College Partner to Offer Live Online College-Level Upskilling Classes

Learn In, the world's first upskilling-as-a-service platform that empowers companies to keep employee skills current among rapid technological change, is partnering with Foundry College, a new kind of college that offers live, face-to-face classes in an online environment.

Foundry College Garners Recognition as a Top North American EdTech

HolonIQ, a global leader in intelligence on education, has released its annual North America EdTech 100 – a list of the 100 most promising education technology startups in the USA and Canada. Foundry College secured its spot in the category of “Bootcamps and Alternate Models” for its innovation in both programming and delivery.

Higher Education Program Offers Free Tuition to Tulsa Residents

George Kaiser Family Foundation (GKFF), Atento Capital and Foundry College announced today a partnership offering free tuition, a $6,000 value, for Tulsans experiencing unemployment, underemployment or looking to advance their career opportunities. The program, Foundry College Tulsa, will prepare students to excel by offering free relevant curriculum and job-ready credentials in Salesforce administration and project management upon completion.

Foundry College Appoints New CEO to Grow Active Learning Technology Business

Seizing upon the opportunity to grow its active learning technology business, Foundry College, a new kind of college that offers live, face-to-face classes in an online environment, today announced the appointment of Dr. Akiba Covitz as Chief Executive Officer.

Foundry College Offers Deferred Tuition on Salesforce, Project Management Credentialed Certificate Programs

As the novel coronavirus pandemic disrupts the workforce, Foundry College announced it will offer deferred tuition to assist potential students who want to earn Salesforce Admin and Project Management credentials but are in financial need.

New Foundry College Certificate Programs feature Salesforce and Project Management Credentials

Foundry College announces the launch of two new Credentialed Certificate programs. These programs not only provide a solid foundation in the skills and knowledge that businesses want and need, but also provide an externally recognized, job-relevant credential.

Replicating and Improving the Physical Classroom Experience—Online

Foundry College today announced that we will be offering our learning technology platform, the Forge, and innovative teaching methods to partner educational institutions. Why have we done this, and why now? Over the last few weeks the landscape of education has been convulsed by an external force, which has made it clear that we needRead More...

Foundry College offers Forge learning platform to educational institutions

Foundry College, a new kind of college offering live, face-to-face classes in an online environment, today announced that it will begin offering its learning management technology platform, the Forge, and its innovative teaching methods as a managed service to educational institutions.

How to choose a degree program that will prepare you for a good job

According to a 2018 Gallup survey, 58 percent of U.S. adults cite job and career outcomes as their primary motivations for pursuing higher education. So, if you’re considering enrolling in a college program, chances are good that you believe that a degree is the best way to secure a good job and a stable future.Read More...

“Future-proof” jobs don’t require futuristic skills

What do insurance underwriters, short-order cooks, bank tellers, and lab technicians have in common? According to Oxford University, they’re all working in jobs that have at least a 90 percent chance of being automated.   At first glance, that’s an intimidating statistic. If four jobs that require such vastly different skills are all at highRead More...

Former Harvard Dean starts Foundry College to educate working adults for middle-skills jobs

Foundry College, a new type of online two-year college specifically designed to educate students—particularly working adults—to fill “middle-skills” jobs that are in high demand by employers, announced today that it is launching its first class beginning in January 2019.