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Foundry College Garners Recognition as a Top North American EdTech

By Foundry College on December 10, 2020

HolonIQ releases its annual list of most promising education technology startups

San Francisco — December 10, 2020 — HolonIQ, a global leader in intelligence on education, has released its annual North America EdTech 100 – a list of the 100 most promising education technology startups in the USA and Canada. Foundry College secured its spot in the category of “Bootcamps and Alternate Models” for its innovation in both programming and delivery. According to HolonIQ, “there are thousands of EdTech companies across North America supporting learners, teachers, schools, institutions and companies to positively impact educational outcomes, support access to learning and increase the efficiency of educational processes and systems.”

Foundry College has established its place at the forefront of the future of learning and workforce development. Through live, face-to-face classes delivered in an online setting, learners are equipped with the skills and knowledge that employers are seeking by providing credentialed certificates that pair an externally-recognized, job-ready credential with the most in-demand 21st century, durable professional skills for an education that aligns with jobs of today and tomorrow, where starting salaries are impressive, and remote jobs are plentiful and growing fast.

Courses in Foundry College’s innovative credentialed certificate programs in business and information technology are designed using scientifically proven teaching methods based on the insights created by the leading educational psychologists. Foundry College’s programs incorporate active learning techniques at the deepest levels for exceptional student outcomes. All learning takes place within the live classroom, which means there is no pre-work or homework assigned.

Foundry College’s proprietary learning management system, the Forge, utilizes cutting-edge technology and is purpose-built for online teaching and learning. It provides unrivaled teaching technology grounded in the science of learning and integrates the principles of active learning into every course to promote student success as it seamlessly integrates curriculum, pedagogy and technology for improved student learning outcomes and best replicates a physical classroom.

“Foundry College has created its programs by working with leaders in the business community to identify the 21st century skills that employers are seeking,” said Dr. Akiba Covitz, CEO of Foundry College. “We want to equip our students with the knowledge they’ll need to join professions that are experiencing a rapidly growing need for employees with these skills – now and for years to come. Our learners at Foundry are given durable, professional skills in areas such as clear communication, practical problem solving, working with others, and managing yourself at work. They will have these skills for the rest of their lives. We stack programs on top of these foundational skills that walk our learners right to highly recognized credentialed certificates and the most in-demand jobs, such as Salesforce Administrator and Project Manager. These programs propel learners forward and set them apart in the competitive job market. Additionally, students learn on Foundry College’s unique online learning platform, the Forge, which incorporates the science of learning into every class to support learner success.”

Foundry College’s programs are designed to lower barriers to accessing post-secondary education and give more people the opportunity to succeed professionally. There are no prerequisites for eligibility and the application process is brief. Programs are offered at an affordable cost, with a quick time-to-completion, and consistently earn exceptionally high satisfaction ratings by learners, with Net Promoter Scores twice as high as many other learning experiences.


About Foundry College
Foundry College is a new kind of college that offers live, face-to-face classes in an online environment that promotes the community of a traditional classroom experience. Every class combines live, instructor-led lectures with small-group active learning sessions to ensure that new skills and knowledge are effectively integrated, retained, and can be put into immediate practice. Foundry College’s proprietary learning management system, the Forge, can host up to 200 students and uses performance data to facilitate student learning and success. Foundry College launched in 2018 and is headquartered in San Francisco.

About HolonIQ
HolonIQ was founded in 2018 with the vision of building the trusted global source of education market intelligence in order to connect the people, ideas and capital that are driving and supporting innovation from pre-k through to life-long learning.