Student Spotlight

Foundry College Student Spotlight: Cassie

By Karen Adams on May 10, 2021

Cassie is a graduate of the Foundry College Tulsa program and earned a credentialed certificate in project management.

How long have you lived in Tulsa?

Basically my whole life! When I was about two years old, my family moved to the Tulsa area from Texas to be closer to my dad’s family.

What was your motivation for earning your credentialed certificate?

This was a big change for me because, in January 2020, the company I had been with for eight years laid off our entire department. Even though I was earning a good salary and had good benefits, I really wasn’t getting satisfaction from my job. I wasn’t sure where to go next, but I saw the opportunity and knew it was time for me to make a career change! Although I had been working on a big project using Salesforce, I chose project management for my certificate because I could see how the two can work hand-in-hand.

What are your career goals, and how will your credentialed certificate help you achieve those goals?

It seems so simple, but I really want to enjoy going to work every day. Foundry College has provided me with ‘above and beyond’ resources that have not only made this the best online experience I‘ve had, but will also help me succeed in my career. I realize that I’ll need to work my way up, and this program is a great foundation to start my new career. 

What would you say to someone who is considering the program?

Do your research between the options. There’s huge growth potential in jobs with each of the credentials, which is awesome. By joining the program, you can take the time to build something that will give you more opportunity as you progress in your career.

What has been your favorite part of the program?

I actually have two favorite parts of the program: the breakout groups and the coaching services. In the breakout groups, we work out problems together; we discuss and then we solve. It’s such a great connection piece with your classmates that provides so many perspectives – many that I would never have discovered on my own!

The coaching services have helped me so much because I can tend to be an overthinker, and I get really overwhelmed if I struggle with a quiz. I meet with Nick, my coach, to review and discuss my progress. He always offers the reassurance that I need in order to keep moving forward. He encouraged me to participate in Job Club, and I’m really happy I did because I actually used what I learned in Job Club the very next day in an interview!

What has been the most helpful part of the program?

Our instructors bring ‘live animals’ into the classroom; real-life examples and experiences that give us legitimate takeaways of situations we’ll be working with. I’m very much a hands-on learner, so to see and hear about actual examples makes the learning experience so rich.

Can you share any advice on how to manage your time between work, school, and life?

For me, it’s having a routine. Find that rhythm that works best for you. Stay up to date with your work and quizzes because it makes each class more beneficial.

Interview conducted by Karen Adams, Head of Marketing at Foundry College. To nominate someone for the Foundry College Student Spotlight, email