An associate degree for Tomorrow’s Workforce

Foundry College students complete an innovative, hands-on curriculum designed to help them master the future-proof skills and knowledge that are in highest demand by employers—and earn an Associate Degree in Business Management online.

A Program Designed for Working Adults


Foundry College students progress through the program at their own pace, taking between one and three courses per trimester. We offer courses at times outside of standard working hours to help students organize their education around their lives (not vice versa), and all learning takes place in the live online classroom — there’s no required pre-work or homework.

What We Teach

Practical Training Integrated into a Broad Education

The Foundry College program is designed to help working adults continually adapt as the labor market changes. We focus on teaching practical skills that are unlikely to be supplanted by automation in the foreseeable future, while simultaneously building versatile, machine-resistant core capabilities to expand our students’ long-term options.

Specifically, we teach:

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Our curriculum targets the particular skills and knowledge working adults need to adapt to changes in the labor market.

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High-Demand Capabilities

We help students become better critical thinkers, problem solvers, and communicators; to organize their work; and to collaborate effectively.

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Job-Relevant Skills

We collaborate with employers to ensure that the skills and knowledge we teach align with current and future hiring gaps.

Learning Through Mastery

To graduate, students must complete courses in three key categories: general education, business major, and electives. Students master the material in each required course before moving on, ensuring that every student graduates with the skills, knowledge, and confidence they need to excel at their current or future job.


Foundations & Key Job Skills

Develop fundamental skills like communication, collaboration, critical analysis, problem-solving, and lifelong learning.


Business Management Skills

Learn business-related skills that will prepare you for success in a middle-skills management job that is unlikely to be automated.


Transfer Credits & Exams

Fulfill elective requirements by transferring previous coursework or demonstrating mastery through proctored exams.

Experiential Learning


Hands-On Activities

In every class, students reinforce what they’ve learned during lectures by applying new knowledge and skills in small group exercises.

Real-World Case Studies

Students learn from industry-specific case studies and discuss possible applications of course content in their current job or prior professional experience.


Stay Relevant with Booster Courses


Foundry College graduates can take twice-yearly booster courses to update their skills and knowledge and stay current as the job market changes.

Learn from Experienced Faculty

All Foundry College courses are taught by experienced faculty who are recognized as experts in their fields. Our faculty has extensive experience and training in developing innovative curricula, delivering engaging online lectures, and running active-learning seminars.

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