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Foundry College prepares working adults to excel in the jobs of today and tomorrow by helping them master the skills employers want and need.

Why earn an associate degree?

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

A more efficient, effective learning process

Foundry College embraces the following scientifically-proven learning methods to put students, and their success, front and center:


Active Learning

Lectures are combined with hands-on exercises, so students can put new skills into practice right away.

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Mastery-Based Learning

Students master each concept, building a solid foundation of understanding.

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Experiential Learning

Students apply what they’re learning on the job, discuss challenges, and reflect on outcomes.

Accessible education for working adults

We designed our online Associate Degree in Business Management program with working adults in mind, so every student receives the support they need to be successful.

  • Manageable commitment: Live, online classes you can take from home; 3-6 hours of class time per week.
  • No additional coursework required: No homework - all learning takes place in class.
  • Coaching and academic support: Free personal coaching and peer mentoring for all students.
  • Simple admissions process: No fees, transcripts, or test scores required.

Get the skills employers want

Ninety-three percent of employers say that skills like critical thinking, problem solving, and effective communication are more important than a job candidate’s college major.

Businesses need employees who can:


Decide whether and when to escalate a customer complaint
(Critical thinking)


Balance risk and reward when switching to a new supplier
Problem solving)


Present results to managers in a clear, concise format
Clear communication)

Foundry College explicitly and directly teaches these skills because we know they will help our graduates excel in a variety of stable, rewarding jobs — even as the economy changes.

Graduate with a clear path to sustainable, rewarding employment

Our two-year online associate degree program helps students to gain versatile competencies that employers need — such as critical thinking, problem solving, and communication — along with foundational skills for management jobs in fields like customer service, IT, and healthcare administration.

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