Foundry College is backed by visionary investors who, like us, care deeply about impact.

We believe that, with our complementing missions and values, we can bridge the durable, professional skills and knowledge gap and provide our learners a clear pathway to future-ready employment that aligns with the jobs of today and tomorrow.

Our Investors

Learn Capital concentrates exclusively on the global education technology sector and invest in innovative learning content, platforms, and services.

Learn Start is a seed fund creating the largest, most detailed pipeline of global education technology companies.

Ulu Ventures seeds the future by funding, supporting, and championing early stage entrepreneurs.

Atento Capital is a Tulsa-based investment firm focused on generating excellent risk-adjusted returns and making a lasting economic impact in the Tulsa community.

Zanichelli Venture invests in companies creating radical power-ups for the learner experience within existing educational systems, as well as in companies that have envisioned bold alternatives to current systems with the potential to move from niche to dominant.