Job Placement

Preparing Working Adults for Future-Ready Jobs

Foundry College helps students build the skills and knowledge they need to fill current, emerging, and future hiring gaps. By working directly with employers to identify key skills and knowledge, and integrating those skills into our curriculum, we ensure that every student graduates with a clear pathway to future-ready employment.

How it Works

Foundry College teaches students future-ready skills and knowledge so they can excel in a job that is unlikely to be displaced by automation. We align course content with the key skills and knowledge employers need, help students apply new skills to real-world scenarios, and provide ongoing resources to help our graduates stay relevant.

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Foundry Curriculum

Our student-centered curriculum is well-defined, rigorously validated, and reflects extensive input from employers. Students participate in hands-on exercises and discussions that challenge them to apply what they’re learning to real-world workplace scenarios.

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Industry-Relevant Programs

Foundry College's programs provide a solid foundation in the in-demand skills and knowledge that employers want and need for the jobs of today and tomorrow.


Career Support Services

In addition to Foundry College's internal career support services, we partner with external organizations to bring cutting-edge job search and job placement opportunities to our learners.

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Master the Skills Employers Need

Foundry College courses teach the specific skills and knowledge that are in highest demand by employers across industries. We equip learners to provide greater value to their current employers and prepare them to adapt and avoid displacement as technology changes the employment landscape.

Career Support Services

Foundry College offers a full suite of career support services to assist you with launching your career or moving forward in your existing career path. These services are offered at no cost to Foundry College learners.


Coaches provide one-on-one career support to all learners during and after the program.


Career-focused synchronous and asynchronous opportunities are designed to prepare learners to be successful when researching, applying to, and interviewing for jobs.


Faculty provide industry-specific career guidance in the classroom, during office hours, by appointment, and through a series of guest conversations with industry experts.


Foundry College partners with external organizations to offer customized, unique services to our learners, helping them conduct more productive and successful job searches.