Job Placement

Preparing Working Adults for Future-Proof Jobs

Foundry College helps students build the skills and knowledge they need to fill current, emerging, and future hiring gaps. By working directly with employers to identify key skills and knowledge, and integrating those skills into our curriculum, we ensure that every student graduates with a clear pathway to future-proof employment.

How it Works

Foundry College teaches students future-proof skills and knowledge so they can excel in a job that is unlikely to be displaced by automation. We align course content with the key skills and knowledge that employers need, help students gain work experience while studying and provide ongoing resources to help our graduates stay relevant. Finally, we work with top companies to match Foundry College students with internships while studying, and Foundry College alumni with open roles that offer the best long-term growth opportunities.

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Foundry Curriculum

Our student-centered curriculum is well-defined, rigorously validated, and reflects extensive input from employers.

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Foundry students gain job experience and reinforce their learning by interning with employer partners, or by applying their academic work in their current role.


Booster Courses

Foundry ensures that students maintain relevant, in-demand skills and knowledge by offering industry-specific booster courses after graduation.

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Master the Skills Employers Need

Foundry College courses teach the specific skills and knowledge that are in highest demand by employers across industries. We equip students to provide greater value to their current employers and prepare them to adapt and avoid displacement as technology changes the employment landscape.

A Curriculum that Stays Relevant

Foundry College is committed to continually updating our curriculum based on student, alumni, and employer feedback. Where traditional higher education paths are based on decades-old majors and focus areas that are increasingly irrelevant to real-world jobs, our tight feedback loop ensures that we’re always teaching the most relevant, in-demand skills.


Employer Partnership Opportunities

Partnering with Foundry College provides a unique opportunity for your company to work with potential employees by hiring students for short-term internships. Our outreach team actively facilitates matching the right student with the right opportunity within your company, whether for internships while at Foundry or in jobs upon completion of the program. We support our students throughout their internship experience to ensure that they successfully deliver value to your organization.