Employer Partnerships

Upskill Employees at Your Company

Higher education has not kept up with the needs of employers—until now. Foundry College works with companies and organizations in all industries, across the United States, to identify the skills and knowledge that American adults need today—and to develop employee education programs that will help them grow their contributions as work changes tomorrow.

Build a High-Functioning Workforce

Forward-Thinking Employee Talent Development

Foundry College’s partnerships team works with employers to match their organization’s needs to the knowledge, skills, and interests of Foundry’s current students and graduates. Foundry College partners have unique opportunities to hire students and graduates as interns and full-time employees, to have an impact on our curriculum design process, and to sponsor their current employees to up-level their skills and knowledge.

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Fill Immediate Needs with Internships

Hire Foundry College student interns to provide the skills your organization needs today.


Upskill Your Employees

Put current employees on a high-impact middle management track at your company by sponsoring their enrollment in Foundry College.


Get Ahead of the Talent Curve

Plan one, five, or ten years ahead by establishing a process for hiring Foundry College graduates directly into your organization.

Partner with Foundry College

Join our Employer Roundtable

Engage with peers from a wide range of industries across the U.S. to further Foundry College’s development of skill-specific course design and active learning.

Build Company-Specific Programs

Identify internal subject matter experts and empower them to work with Foundry College’s instructional designers to develop course content that will prepare new hires to contribute from day one.

Partner with Foundry College