Future-Ready Jobs

Training the Workforce of the Future

Foundry College provides working adults with the intellectual and emotional tools they need to adapt as the labor market changes.

An Education that Complements Evolving Technology


Technology is reconfiguring the employment landscape, and these changes will continue to accelerate in the years to come. To adapt and thrive, both employers and employees must cultivate skills and knowledge that complement emerging technologies, so that they can contribute effectively to the teams, organizations, and jobs of the future.

Distinguishing Future-Ready Skills & Knowledge

Technology is changing the labor market—but not every job is ripe for automation. Why? Because although machines are better than humans at certain tasks, the reverse is also true.

Identify Areas in Which Humans Outperform Machines

Humans are uniquely skilled at certain things—including recognizing and responding to emotion, using context to analyze situations, creatively solving problems, and prioritizing goals.

Systematically Teach these Machine-Resistant Skills

The Foundry College curriculum focuses specifically on teaching future-ready skills and knowledge—including critical thinking, creative problem solving, clear communication, effective personal interactions, and good judgment.

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Future-Ready Skills In Demand by Today’s Employers

The future-ready skills we teach at Foundry College are not only resistant to automation—they’re also the same skills that today’s employers want from their workforce. Therefore, working adults who master these skills today will be equipped to secure a job that provides both short- and long-term economic security.

Build Future-Ready Skills and Knowledge