A Path to Success for Students and Employers

On-the-job internships are an essential part of the Foundry College associate degree curriculum. We work closely with top employers to match students with internship opportunities that align their job goals with their evolving skills and knowledge—ensuring that every student graduates prepared to succeed in a real-world context, and providing employers with an accessible pipeline of motivated, highly qualified job candidates.


Access a Pipeline of Skilled Job Candidates

Employers receive high value from the work students complete during their internships, and have a chance to evaluate a student’s skills and job fit before extending a full-time offer.

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Hire Job-Ready Employees

Students can master the job skills your company needs during their internship, and begin adding value immediately if and when they’re hired full-time.


Confirm Employee Fit

Internships give you the chance to evaluate students’ skills and work style firsthand, so you can be confident that they’ll succeed as full-time employees.

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Receive Immediate Value

Foundry College interns arrive equipped with core skills and knowledge and are eager to learn more; even if you don’t make a full-time hire, you’ll see a return on your investment.

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Gain Invaluable On-the-Job Experience

Paid internships give students the opportunity to take on real responsibility and prove to employers that they can be successful as full-time employees. Students already in full-time jobs with our employer partners are empowered to integrate the skills they’re learning in their current roles, or to apply them to grow into new roles.

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Build Job-Ready Skills

As an intern, you’ll develop the exact skills you’ll need as a full-time employee—so when you graduate from Foundry, you’re ready to contribute right away.

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Confirm Company Fit

Experience day-to-day life as an employee before you commit to a full-time role, so you can be confident you’ve found the right opportunity for your interests and skill set.

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Earn a Paycheck

Foundry College internships are paid, part-time opportunities when possible — because even though you’re still learning, we believe your time and skills are valuable.

Earn an Associate Degree in Business Management