Student-Centered Learning

Foundry College meets students where they are. Classwork is designed to be approached at different levels so that each student is appropriately challenged—never overwhelmed or bored.

You'll also receive individual support to ensure you're prepared to succeed at Foundry College and to continue learning throughout your career.

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Learning at Foundry College

The Foundry College Credentialed Certificate programs offer an effective, manageable, and supportive learning experience designed specifically for adults.



Our teaching approach incorporates the latest research on how students learn.



Learning takes place online, during class time; there is no required prework or homework.



Coaches, tutors, and community members provide extensive academic and emotional support.


Active Learning

All Foundry College classes are taught online in real time. Every class combines instructor-led lectures with small group active learning sessions, using methods backed by science of learning research to help you process information, build associations, and put new skills and knowledge into immediate practice. Every student contributes to making each class session robust and engaging through their attendance and participation.

Mastery-Based Learning

Foundry College courses are mastery-based, which means you'll demonstrate that you understand and can apply every key concept and skill in the course. You'll build intentionally from specific to general capabilities, making clear progress in every class, and engage in continuous “spaced practice”—recalling and applying material from earlier classes—to ensure that new knowledge is effectively integrated and retained.

In other words, you'll truly learn the concepts.


No Prework or Homework

Foundry College courses contain all learning in the online classroom environment. Students attend two 90-minute class sessions per week per course, and are not required to complete any pre-class preparation or post-class homework.

Student Support

Foundry College wants all of our students to succeed, so we include an extensive system of support services to every learner.


Personal Coach

One-on-one personal coaching sessions every two weeks



Tutoring for those who need extra academic support


Supportive Community

Opportunities to interact with faculty and peers