Apply New Skills on the Job — Immediately

Foundry College students master skills and knowledge that they can put to immediate use in real-world workplace situations—so they, and their employers, see immediate benefits.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Foundry College students continually practice and apply new skills—in the classroom, in their current jobs, and through internships.

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In Class Exercises

During every class session, students put lecture material into practice through role-playing and other small group activities.

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On-the-Job Practice

Coursework is designed so that the skills and knowledge learned can be put into immediate practice in the student’s current workplace.


Internship Integration

Internships provide students with another useful opportunity to relate real workplace scenarios to topics covered in class.

Integrating Knowledge & Skills Through Internships

Relate Learning to the Job

Once they have completed the three foundational courses, students begin applying their new knowledge and skills in their workplace environment—either in their current job or in an internship in one of Foundry College’s three business management tracks. Courses at this stage of the program are designed specifically to help students relate course material to on-the-job situations.

Become More Effective on the Job

As they near the end of the program, students spend most of their time in internships, and classes are designed specifically to help them see how what they learned in previous courses can be applied in the workplace. Students continue to relate material taught in class to their on-the-job experiences, making them more effective in their jobs or internships.

Employer Feedback

Foundry College works closely with employers, through regular check-ins and detailed interviews, to provide students with feedback about their performance, strengths, and areas for improvement. Students also receive feedback in class to help them understand how effectively they are applying lessons from lectures and activities in the workplace.

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