Apply New Skills on the Job — Immediately

Foundry College students master skills and knowledge that they can put to immediate use in real-world workplace situations—so they, and their employers, see immediate benefits.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Foundry College students continually practice and reinforce new skills — through hands-on exercises, in their current jobs, and in an immersive trimester-long applied learning course.

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In Class Exercises

During every class session, students put lecture material into practice through role-playing and other small group activities.

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On-the-Job Practice

Coursework is designed so that the skills and knowledge learned can be put into immediate practice in the student’s current workplace.


Applied Learning

In Foundry College’s required applied learning course, students use foundational future-proof skills to analyze real-world professional scenarios.

Integrating Knowledge & Skills Through Internships

Relate Learning to the Workplace

As part of every Foundry College course, students practice applying their new knowledge and skills to real-world workplace scenarios. Instructors integrate hands-on exercises into each lesson, and students engage in group activities and discussions to relate course material to on-the-job situations.

Apply New Skills to Workplace Scenarios

At the conclusion of the program, Foundry College students complete a synthesis course in which they use the skills they’ve built to analyze challenges they’ve encountered in a current or past job. Each student explains how their Foundry coursework contributes to a better understanding of these situations, and creates a plan for handling similar scenarios in the future.

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