Student support

Ensuring Success for All Students

Foundry College wants every student to succeed—which is why we offer free mentoring, one-on-one personal coaching, and other services geared toward working adults with busy schedules.

Student Support Services

Juggling work, school and life can be challenging—which is why Foundry College provides support services to all our students.


Personal Coach

Free one-on-one coaching sessions every two weeks


Free Mentoring

Free mentoring for students who need extra academic support


Supportive Community

Opportunities to interact with faculty and peers


Personalized Coaching

All students receive a one-on-one coaching session every two weeks. Our coaches are familiar with the challenges of managing life, work, and school and are dedicated to helping students navigate those responsibilities throughout the program.

Free Academic Mentors

We know that some students may need a little extra support to succeed. Every student at Foundry College has access to a peer mentor for up to three hours per week at no charge. Current students who perform exceptionally well in the program will have the option to become peer mentors—and will be paid to support other students.


Online & Offline Community

Students can interact with peers and faculty through online forums. They also have the option to attend periodic Foundry College meetups and other events to connect face-to-face.

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