Upskill Your Workforce

Foundry College partners directly with companies to prepare working adults for success in the fast-changing U.S. economy. By focusing on machine-resistant skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and communication. We help employers develop high performing internal talent.

Higher education has not kept up with the needs of employers

Find and develop job-ready, future-proof talent

Foundry College is designed to support both employers and workers

The Foundry College curriculum is designed to address both your hiring and training needs, and targets the particular skills and knowledge working adults need to adapt to changes in the labor market. We continually integrate employer feedback to ensure that the skills and knowledge we teach are relevant to the jobs your organization has today — and will have tomorrow. As an employer partner, you’ll have unique opportunities to sponsor employee enrollment, hire students and graduates, and influence curriculum design.

I realized that if we focused on subject matter that was directly related to the skills and knowledge employers need, we could improve individual lives, help employers, and support the broader economy.

- Dr. Stephen M. Kosslyn, Foundry College Founder and CEO

What Foundry College Offers

Learning that fits into working adults' lives

Each course requires a total of only 3 hours per week at set times

man monitor

Live, online classes accessible from the comfort of home


No required reading or homework


Free academic and career support

Cap books

Mastery-based learning ensures deep mastery of material


Experiential learning connects work and school

Relevant core competencies and job-specific skills

In addition to our core courses in areas such as communication, critical thinking, and problem solving, we offer industry-specific course tracks to prepare students for middle-management jobs in:


General Business


IT and Technology



Partnership opportunities to fit
your organization’s needs

When you become a Foundry College partner, our team will work with you to identify the highest-impact opportunities for your organization. Current partnership opportunities include:

  • Nominate Top Employees: Put high-performing employees on a growth trajectory by encouraging them to apply for Foundry College’s Associate Degree in Business Management.
  • Join our Employer Roundtable: Engage with peers from a wide range of industries to help Foundry College improve its curriculum.
  • Build Company-Specific Programs: Empower subject matter experts at your company to work with Foundry College’s course designers, and develop course content that will have your new hires ready to contribute from day one.

Ready to upskill your workforce?