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Whether you’re looking to learn new skills, stand out as a job candidate, or change your career path altogether, you’ll find the right solution at Foundry College.

In just a matter of months, you'll build future-ready skills and knowledge with the first durable professional skills education that includes a job credential, to align with the jobs of today and tomorrow.

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Choose the Program That's Right for You

Employers look for great employees with updated skills including oral communication, written communication, collaboration, and problem solving. Not only will you learn all these skills, you’ll be able to put them to work as you’re learning and increase your value and resiliency immediately.

Prepare for in-demand jobs by earning a Salesforce Administrator or Project Management credentialed certificate from Foundry College.

Salesforce Administrator

The Salesforce Admin Super Set credential courses prepare students for an entry-level Salesforce administrator position. You'll earn three Salesforce Administrator Superbadges: Lightning Experience Reports & Dashboards Specialist, Security Specialist, and Business Administration Specialist.

In Demand
IDC, an independent provider of market intelligence for the information technology market, predicts that Salesforce’s ecosystem will create 9.3 million new jobs by 2026.

Project Management

The Project Management credential certifies students in waterfall, one of the most common project management methodologies. You'll also learn about the agile methodology and how to blend them into a hybrid approach. Upon successful completion, you'll be prepared to obtain the in-demand CompTIA Project+ certification.

In Demand
According to the Project Management Institute, a professional association for project managers, 22.2 million new project management jobs will be added globally through 2027.

Professional Foundations + High-Demand Skills

In the credentialed certificate program, you'll complete four required courses where you master 21st century professional skills, along with two courses specializing in the credential. Upon completion, you will be prepared to excel in an entry-level role in one of two high-demand areas: as a Salesforce Administrator or in Project Management.

The number of courses in which you enroll each trimester is up to you. The Certificate Program Map will help guide you with Accelerated and Standard examples of program completion timeframes.

Professional Skills Component

Our professional skills courses target specific future-ready skills that today’s employers look for in all new hires, including clear communication, collaboration, problem-solving, organization, teamwork, and responsibility. These skills are highly automation-resistant, and surveys have found that many employers consider them more important than a job candidate’s college major.


Managing Yourself at Work

Learn to organize your work, recognize and manage emotions, develop personal responsibility, and stay motivated.

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Clear Communication

Learn to read and write precisely, listen well, communicate clearly in group settings, and interpret visual communications.


Working with Others

Learn to collaborate and negotiate effectively, work well in teams, and build professional relationships.


Practical Problem Solving

Learn to frame and solve a wide range of problems in various professional contexts.

Looking to Transfer Credits?

The American Council on Education (ACE) is the major coordinating body for all the nation’s higher education institutions, and their College Learning Evaluations Service works with individual colleges to evaluate their courses and provide a credit recommendation. More than 2000 colleges and universities consider ACE credit recommendations as part of their degree programs.

ACE’s College Learning Evaluations Service has evaluated and recommended three college credits for each of these professional skills courses.

Credential Component

The credential courses take you deep into your area of specialization. Depending upon which credentialed certificate your choose, you'll complete the two classes associated with that specific credential. The first course introduces basic concepts, while the second course provides a deep dive in the subject matter.


Salesforce Admin Super Set Foundations

Students learn the basics of the Salesforce platform and become familiar with the vocabulary, functions, and interface of the Salesforce software.


Salesforce Admin Super Set Skills

Students expand their knowledge of the Salesforce ecosystem, build reports and dashboards, set up a mobile interface, build their own apps, learn and deploy industry-standard identity and access management tools, and customize a Salesforce platform.


Project Management Foundations

Students learn project management basics, including how to initiate, plan, and execute a project by identifying stakeholders, project costs, timelines, and project risks.


Project Management in Practice

Students learn to monitor, control, and close a project, and study waterfall and agile project management methodologies in practice. Students integrate their knowledge by blending project management methodologies, as well as learning when each approach is more appropriate.

Program Learning Outcomes

The learning outcomes for our certificate programs are as follows:

  1. Acquire broad, deep and general professional knowledge and skills, which provide foundations for a wide range of jobs
  2. Apply knowledge and skills necessary for success on a specific job
  3. Use relevant tools, software, and methods to solve meaningful problems
  1. Manage one’s time, resources, and relationships  to work and communicate effectively in any industry
  2. Prepare students to obtain an industry recognized credential
  3. Gain confidence and competence to enter a growing job field

Course level outcomes are specified on course syllabi, which are provided as part of course enrollment.


Learning Labs

Learning Labs are a unique feature of Foundry College's credential courses. They provide deep dives into key skills through project-based learning activities that are contextualized for the workplace. The labs allow you to troubleshoot specific problems in small groups, with the guidance of the instructor. These labs help you apply the knowledge and skills you're learning in a course in a variety of contexts and industries. In addition, you'll produce work products expected of you in your respective field, allowing you to build a portfolio that documents your competence as you enter or advance in the job market.

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