Tuition & Schedules

Become Future-Ready at an Affordable Cost

Foundry College’s low cost makes a high-quality education affordable.
A variety of payment options make it easier than ever to get started.

High-Value Skills at an Affordable Cost

$2,950 = Credentialed Certificate in Project Management or Salesforce Administration

  • There are no textbooks or other required materials to purchase for the courses.
  • Deferred payment plans available
  • Program cost of $2,950 is guaranteed*
    *your program cost is guaranteed not to increase for six trimesters

Every course at Foundry College is designed to help you build the skills you need to succeed even as the labor market changes.

Our active learning approach, combined with our commitment to containing coursework in the classroom, means that every minute you spend in class is valuable and impactful.

Credentialed certificate programs cost $2,950, and a variety of payment options are available. There are no textbooks or other required materials to purchase for the courses, and your program cost is guaranteed for six full trimesters.


Payment Options

Foundry College realizes the investment students make in their education and offers options to meet their needs.

  • Monthly payment: pay-as-you-go installments on a monthly basis each trimester based on course enrollment
  • Trimester payment: single payment each trimester based on course enrollment
  • Full program payment: single payment of the full cost of the program
  • Deferred plan: allows you to pay when you've completed the program
    *registration fee of $250 is required for all payment options

Student Success & Refund Guarantee

At Foundry College, we believe that completing a program should signify true mastery of the material. Students in our programs are evaluated based on mastery—“mastering” a course means deeply understanding the content, and “in progress” means trying again until capability improves. We offer extensive academic and personal support to ensure that every student is positioned to succeed. However, if it becomes clear within the first four weeks of a course that a student will not be successful in the program, we will refund* their cost.

*minus the registration fee

Invest in Yourself - and Your Future!