A New Type of
Two-Year College

Foundry College helps working adults secure future-proof jobs by teaching automation-resistant skills and knowledge that employers want and need.

Tuition will be FREE for those admitted to our Spring 2019 cohort! Online applications (step one) must be received by March 31, 2019.

Foundry College offers a unique two-year Associate's Degree in Business Management that equips students with skills and knowledge that are in demand by employers and unlikely to be automated in the foreseeable future.

Why earn an Associate’s Degree?

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

A more efficient, effective learning process

Foundry College embraces the following scientifically-proven learning methods to put students, and their success, front and center:


Active Learning

Live lectures are combined with interactive exercises in small breakout groups with other students.

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Competency-Based Learning

Master new skills and knowledge efficiently, so you can fit earning a degree into your busy life.

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Experiential Learning

Directly transferable skills you can put to immediate use in the workplace — so you, and you’re employer, see immediate benefits.

Accessible education for working adults

We designed our online Associate’s Degree in Business Management program with working adults in mind, so every student receives the support they need to be successful.

  • Manageable commitment: Live, online classes you can take from home; 3-6 hours of class time per week.
  • No additional coursework required: No pre-class work or homework - all learning takes place in class.
  • Coaching and academic support: Free personal coaching and tutoring for all students.
  • Simple admissions process: No fees, transcripts, or test scores required.
  • FREE tuition: Students who apply and are accepted into our Spring 2019 cohort, starting in May 2019, will have the opportunity to complete the full two-year degree program at no cost. Online applications (step one) must be received by March 31, 2019.

Take control of your future!