Tuition & Financial Aid

Accessible Education for Working Adults

Foundry College’s tuition and financial aid programs are structured to make high-quality education available to working adults of all backgrounds.

 Attend Foundry College Free 

As with our first cohort, tuition will be waived for students who are admitted to our second cohort, starting in Spring 2019.

Students in our first two cohorts will be asked to provide regular, thoughtful feedback on our curriculum and teaching methods. Because these students will be actively partnering with us to make Foundry College even more effective, they will receive free tuition for the entire two-year program.

Spots in the second cohort are limited, and applications are due March 31, 2019.

High-Value Skills at an Affordable Price

$1,000 per course
x 12 courses

= $12,000 Associate’s Degree in Business Management

Every course at Foundry College is designed to help students build the skills they need to succeed as the labor market changes.

Our active learning approach, combined with our commitment to containing coursework in the classroom, means that every minute students spend in class is valuable and impactful.

Each course is priced at $1,000. The entire two-year Associate’s Degree program at Foundry College costs only $12,000 — there are no additional fees, books, or other required materials to purchase.


Financial Aid

Once Foundry College has received accreditation, Foundry students will qualify for need-based grants and loans from a variety of public and private sources. Foundry will work with students to identify the financial aid options best suited to their individual needs. Visit our FAQ page for more information about financial aid.

Student Success & Refund Guarantee

At Foundry College, we believe that receiving a degree should signify true mastery of the material. Students in our programs are evaluated based on competency—“mastering” a course means deeply understanding the content, and “in progress” means trying again until competency improves. We offer extensive academic and personal support to ensure that every student is positioned to succeed. However, if it becomes clear within the first four weeks of a course that a student will not achieve competency as expected, we will refund their tuition.

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